Life is too short to worry about falling

Now is your time to thrive and to move with confidence and purpose!

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Midlife and beyond is a great time to pursue your desires, including a healthier and more physical lifestyle!


But what if you’re tired of feeling insecure about your body's abilities and are worried about your risk of falling?


I’m here to tell you that no matter your age, every single women can improve her fitness level and there is no better time to focus on your balance than now!


Look better!

Walk with confidence. Stand tall. Shape your body.


Feel Better!

Relieve stress. Increase energy. Gain stamina.


Function Better!

Be active, dance, play, socialize.


Hello there, I am Monique de la Cour

Balance specialist, personal trainer and health coach


I create personalized fall prevention, strength, flexibility and wellness programs for women over 50.

My practice is informed by my advanced training at the CHEK institute where I studied Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology.

As a health and fitness professional with 20 years of experience, I use in-depth assessments to help women improve their balance by combining strength, flexibility and power based on their specific challenges or needs.

My philosophy is to help my clients feel stronger, steadier and more confident in their body's abilities by providing a safe and empathetic environment that is free of judgment.

I hope these client stories will inspire you to make improving your balance a priority.


"I recently found out I have osteopenia in my hip and spine. Monique sent me a custom-made, wonderful video with some simple strengthening exercises that I can easily fit into my daily routine. My 21 year old daughter watched the video with me and found them to be helpful for her routine as well. I am grateful to Monique for forwarding the exercise video to me and I look forward to building up my strength."
Laura, NJ

"Monique de la Cour has been my trainer for the past 10 years. Thanks to her patience and skill she has corrected a severe vertigo problem and helped me regain my balance which was disrupted after an ankle break. I would heartily recommend her to anyone needing a calm, considerate and incredibly competent coach. I am not sure what I appreciate most- her patience, her expertise or her kindness."

Ronda, NJ

My Clients' Success Stories!​

"Monique teaches strength and stretching exercises in a way that no one else has taught me.  They are unique to my abilities, age, old injuries and goals (I run, hike and kayak).  In a short time, while practicing the program a few times a week, I saw significant progress.  She emails me the program every week and sometimes more often if there is a need to tweak it.  The program comes with short videos of the exercises we learned in session. Monique is empowering and so encouraging and patient, I never had such stress free training sessions.  I have been taking lessons and classes for a few years and they were usually cookie cutter and not always right for me.  Monique diagnosed my weaknesses and my strengths and fit the program to my needs, and this is the key to progress! I am grateful to know her."

Orly, NJ

"You are a fantastic teacher and I really have appreciated the balance classes. Thank you!"

Harriet, NJ

"Monique is unbelievably knowledgeable.  Keeps the pace and keeps me moving. I feel great walking around reminding myself to "engage my core".  This is only one of many skills I have learned from this incredible woman.  You will love her and she will make you feel great, no matter where you are in the world!"  

Trudy, VT

"I have been training with Monique for more than 10 years. I went to her because I was having issues with balance and felt a little weakness on my right side. Through careful observation, expertise and patience she was able to correct what was going on. My core strength has improved dramatically and I no longer have those issues. Her professional curiosity keeps her actively learning the latest techniques and introducing them to me. I have recommended Monique to many of my friends over the years and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to train with a dedicated professional who also happens to be warm and wise."

Aiko, NJ

You Don't Have To Be

Wobbly and Frustrated


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